I'm also a husband, father, music lover, vegan, and avid cyclist!

About Sean

I have worked in the web design field for 10 years. My most recent role has been to lead the StockTwits experience and application design - now for five years. For most of that time I was the sole designer and front-end developer - a part of a small team (as few as 3) in an exciting new startup - working to bring an entirely new idea about how traders and investors should communicate to light.

As a small, agile team we created new product for a range of platforms form web, desktop, tablet to mobile. We integrated product with some of the most successful names on the financial world wide web.

Before StockTwits, I was creative director and lead web developer at a small multi-media company that I co-founded and ran successfully for 4 years. I worked with many small businesses to help them achieve their business objectives via web and traditional media. Our small company did a great job and that's StockTwits found and contracted me and later hired me full-time to lead the creative and experience design.

Much has changed since I started in web. One thing that remains the same is my excitment for creating thoughtful and elegant solutions to problems large and small. I'm passionate about creating experiences that have a positive and lasting impact on users.

Connect With Me

The projects featured here are only a small sample of my work. Pleaes connect with me if you'd like to learn more about my latest work.

1 (508) 560-1954

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