StockTwits Platform

StockTwits Conversations

A completely new feature with the goal of maintaining the context of replies to a message.


User could always reply to a message on the StockTwits platform. However, these replies were fleeting as they passed through the stream and aside from the original contributor, difficult to infere any context. We set out to create an experience that would allow replies to be collected into "conversations".

My Role

I lead the research, creative and experience design and was responsible for wireframes, high-fidelity mockups and oversaw implementation of the feature. I also participated in feature feedback and iteration.


User feedback indicated that it was important to follow a conversation beyond the initial post. The previous implementation of the stream was quite one-dimensional. Individual messages were easy to consume but it was nearly impossible to follow replies to the initial post.


There were many design considerations when implementing the conversations feature. Varying message types from standard messages to charts and video meant the solutions needed to satisfy several use cases. User also wanted to be able to view a conversation and any attached media and easily return to where they were in the message stream.

We utilized InVision technology to compile static mockups into interactive prototypes. We conducted usability tests with StockTwits community members to validate the direction of the feature.


  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased engagement around messages


Initial usage of the conversation feature was relativley low. We iterated on indicators within the message stream itself to help users understand that there was more content around messages with replies. After the initial in-stream iterations feature usage grew. It is now a popular feature on StockTwits and we are testing future enhancemnts to the conversation view.