StockTwits Platform


StockTwits is a financial communication platform for the financial and investing community. Founded in 2008, the vision was and is to revolutionize the way investors and traders communicate by offering unparalleled transparency and insight via real-time messaging.


Create a community specifically for investors and traders to talk about stocks. The original proof of concept was built utilizing Twitter’s API. Twitter worked well as a real-time messaging platform. However, we knew that to create our own community we’d have to construct our own application off of Twitter and manage it appropriately and tailor it specifically to the needs of investors and traders.

My Role

StockTwits hired me very early in the process to work on all front-end aspects of the new web application. I've lead creative and am responsible for nearly all of the major deliverables related to StockTwits. I've researched, designed, tested and delivered products ranging from web, desktop and mobile applications to entire blog networks and online storefronts.

Build A Community

The community began on Twitter. This turned out to be fantastic for user research and feeback. Users were used to engaging with us already and we were able to get rapid feedback from users already testing our concept. This helped quickly understand pain points and needs.

User Centered Design

Our research showed us how we could quickly differentiate ourselves from Twitter by meeting the needs specific to the investing and trading community. Group discussions helped focus the team and allowed features to emerge.

User Story

Let's Do This

The team employed agile development methods to iterate quickly and pivot when necessary. We deployed early and often as we iterated and reacted to feedback and testing. We launched a series of applications and products: web applications, blog networks, online store fronts, desktop applications and mobile applications.


  • Globally recognized brand
  • Nearly 250,000 community members
  • Global audience of over 40 million
What Our Users Are Saying

“Love it! Great place to get information and to learn from others. Chart stream is the best. “

-@pas_t (StockTwits Platform)

“Thanks for the Stocktwits. A beautiful resource and fun to boot! Love it! Bullish”

-@Stocktok (StockTwits Platform)

“Can't imagine my day without ST. Thx guys for great things u do”

-@BuyOnStrength (StockTwits Platform)

““I use ST to get and validate ideas. Google finance for news detail and charts. But all ST for ideas. I trust it.“

-@kevinromano140 (StockTwits Platform)

“Thave to thank u for ST, a great addition to the investor's tool kit”

-@Japhro (StockTwits Platform)

“Thanks for creating a terrific site. I'm absorbing lots! ”